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6:30 PM. . . . . . . . . . .Short Business Meeting
7:00 PM. . . . . . . . . . .Whisky Tasting


Here's How It Works

The Tools Used
Meeting with friends over whisky or drinks is inherently paired with vibrant conversaton. When we aren't able to meet in person, we can meet virtually through clubs, virtual whisky tastings and virtual happy hours through video-conferencing. These tools are a great way to maintain the energy of camaraderie, conversation and fun with friends and family. Those who register will be sent an email with a link to Zoom. You will log in and be able to see everyone in real-time.


May 20, 2020


Your living room, your patio, your dining room, or wherever you happen to be at 6:30pm on May 20th. As long as you are at a computer and are logged in you'll join in the fun, education and camaraderie.

Virtual Tasting 1

Taste familiar expressions that all or most of you already own. Bring to the "table" your selection of whisky. If you wish to be a speaker be prepared to talk about the region where your particular whisky comes, the nose and pallet characteristics, and any other information you've come up with. You can even make your talk fun or funnier.

Virtual Tasting 2

Taste a whisky that is new to you and might be new to others.
Each member selects and tastes a different expression, then shares his/her impressions.
Take a vote on which expression you are all most looking forward to trying nexxt.

Whether in person or virtual, sharing the experience in real-time with tasting notes gives you and your friends the satisfaction of honest reactions from people you know. It's a great way to educate yourself and spend quality time with friends.


Have fun and enjoy and walk safely to the other room

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