Summer Picnic

Date: Sunday - - June 5, 2016

Mother Lode Scots Picnic

Deaver Vineyards
12455 Steiner Road
Plymouth, California

Time: 11:00am to 5:00pm

Summer Fun

Mother Lode Scots Picnic

Deaver Vineyards is in the heart of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Our picnic will be held amongst the beautiful old oak trees and grassy expanses with the lovely Deaver Pond as a backdrop

Mother Lode Scots Picnic

    Private Wine Tasting     2:30p.m.

What To Bring

A thru E.........Desserts   
F thru L.........Side Dish
M thru Z.........Salads
(potato salad, pasta salad, slaw, etc.)

Please let Chief Carl know what you will provide and which of the add-ons you might be able to bring

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