Celtic Heritage Dinner

Date: Saturday - - April 2, 2022

Scottish Heritage and Tartan Day

Imperial Hotel
Old Highway 49
Amador City, California

Time: 6:00pm

The evening will begin a social time

Come Celebrate Your Celtic Heritage

Haggis & Oatcakes
Spring Salad

Choice of beef or chicken
Yorkshire Pudding
Roast Tatties
Stuffing Balls
Spring Veggies

Carrot Cake

Mother Lode Scots Picnic

Tartan Day

              Menu subject to change depending on availability
              Dinner photos are only that a not the actual meal

Tartan Day
 & Scottish Heritage

Experience A Walk Back In Time
and have fun while doing it

The Imperial Hotel built in 1879 is the perfect setting for a walk back in time. We will present an honor the various tartans, a few readings, we will Hunt the Gowk and more


Women wear your earasaid

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